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Emergency 24 Hour Spill Response

Our crews can be on location of your emergency anywhere in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and New York. Clients like Waste Management and others in the refuse business can attest to our fast response and high quality work. Let us save your Business from customer complaints and detrimental impact of Environmental hazard fines and hassle.

Containment of Solid and Liquid Spills

We use EPA approved booms and dikes to seal all possible drains and prevent contamination of central waterways and sewers. Our industry leading equipment and skilled personnel recover and cleanup the debris and fluid spills in most environmentally safe manner.

Toxic Spills and Unexpected Damage

Qualified professionals on our Emergency response team are armed with EPA and OSHA approved equipment and are ready to minimize the impact on environment and your pocket. We are standing by for an immediate response to your Emergency.

Hazmat Certification and Necessary Equipment

Biological and Chemical contaminants are required to be properly removed and disposed in accordance with federal and state regulations. Our certified and trained associates will securely contain, extract and dispose all toxic particles and substances.

Waste Water Isolation and Containment

The wastewater from our washing chemicals or emergency spill clean up can be extremely harmful to our environment and us. We channel and pool the wastewater isolating it from the drains. Once contained we collect the wastewater using our special vacuum system which if necessary can handle 500 feet of hose and keep up with up to 5 pressure washers.

Regulation Approved Disposal

EPA can charge your Business crippling fines and penalties for improper spill management and wastewater disposal. We have permits, certifications and established relationships with the local wastewater treatment plants. All of our discarded water and other contaminates are disposed in accordance with Federal and State regulations and can be traced from source to final disposal.