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Trucks and Fleet


Interior and Exterior

Whether you have a large local fleet or a national chain of trucks and other vehicles, we guarantee that our inside and out wash service will be the best you have ever gotten at the most efficient cost. We can steam clean the inside while our 160° water and cleaning product combination takes care of the outside. We wash cabs, engines compartments, trailers, frames and of course wheels and tires.
We are available 24 hours and offer no hassle services at your location, during down time, at night or any other time specified by you. Give us a call to schedule a free demo for your fleet.

Refuse Management Fleets

Refuse Management Fleet was one of the original reasons we got introduced to pressure washing. Daily usage of these vehicles reflects on their external presence. Our routine scheduled wash service is based on the fleets down time and ensures the most efficient and cost effective washing process. Among our clients we proudly serve several locations of Waste Management, Republic, Suburban Waste Service ( any other companies )? Please reach out to us for a free quote or demo service.


Super Pressure Wash Inc has been providing on-site mobile fleet washing services for numerous local and national truck fleet operators. At Super Pressure Wash Inc, we pride ourselves on being the best the industry has to offer when it comes to the on site cleaning of vehicle fleets. Our turn-key system and state of the art technology allow us to guarantee our customers that their vehicle fleets will be cleaned and looking their best in a timely, effective and environmentally safe manner. The versatility of our system allows us to clean any size vehicle or piece of equipment anywhere and anytime.

Cars, Vans, and Box Trucks

For cars we provide a 100% complete hand wash service, with top quality cloths and chemicals to produce the finest shine while protecting your vehicle’s factory finish. We wash large company cars, and can offer service to regular household vehicles. Vans and box trucks also receive special care. Our 3 stage cleaning process guarantees your satisfaction with every wash.

Long Distance Fleet

Independent contract driver or part of a national distribution center your long distance hauler represents you and your company. Our interior and exterior wash will leave you speechless. We use our own specific methods, equipment and product combination. We can do a full day dedicated detailed wash or schedule rotating repetitive wash as part of our corporate client program.

Local Route Vehicles

Companies like Waste Management, Republic, Penske, Pepsi, Nestle, Ryder and many more utilize our Fleet wash service as part of their vehicle maintenance. Our no hassle scheduled wash program can be done on rotating basis and at your location. We are glad to service your fleet during down time, evening or any other time designated by you. Please give us a call to schedule a free demo.

Decal Removal

Vehicle wraps and Vinyl Decals are extremely attractive and commonly used practice of promoting the businesses while driving on roadways. However removing these decals can be very frustrating and time consuming process. Our Fleet Washing experience has allowed us to perfect Decal removing. Give us a call and schedule a no charge appraisal appointment for your vehicle decal removal.