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Buildings and Warehouses

Our clients take pride in their businesses. They want their Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings and Warehouses to look pristine as a reflection of them. Our team of skilled experts will rejuvenate your building’s exterior surfaces like stucco, brick and siding. Mold, mildew, dirt and grime stand no chance. We have access to necessary equipment to handle buildings of all sizes and shapes. We advise scheduled exterior cleaning to support your businesses’ vision inside and out. Call us now for a free estimate.

Storage Containers and Steel Plants

Steel structures, storage containers and silos require a special blend of chemicals. We know first hand how crucial it is to properly identify the product combination and apply it to appropriate surface. Accurate application together with hot water and good ole scrubbing will make your steel or concrete surface shiny and clean. All wastewater is collected and hauled away to a State Licensed water treatment facility. Regular wash will increase the resale value as well as life spam of your asset.

Compactors and Dumpsters

Grocery stores and any other organic material handling businesses know how filthy those compactors and dumpster containers can get. Have no fear, SuperPressureWash is here. We offer fast but efficient cleaning process during which we wash your compactor following our specific routine. We inspect the chute and all the gaskets for damage and leaks. Our specially formulated deodorizing granules prevent odors from escaping. We also scrub the concrete under the dumpster while waste management company switches up the containers. While using some of our chemical compounds (for extra dirty jobs) we collect all of the wastewater and debris to dispose it in accordance with state law.

Corporate Centers and Shopping Malls

Lots of customer traffic definitely earns you good revenue, however it can put a toll on the exterior of your corporate center or a shopping mall. Dirt and grime can almost become part of the facade and its surface. We will scrub wash and clean your glass doors, tall windows or large concrete surfaces. Please give us a call for a quick consultation.

Sidewalks and Parking Lots

High car and foot traffic can turn your sidewalks and parking lots into an untidy mess. We formulate our special blend of products to effectively clean up and restore the appearance. We have access to sweepers and other necessary equipment to accommodate your need.

Monuments and Graffiti Removal

Even though some graffiti can definitely be considered art when it is placed in inappropriate location it acts more as a nuisance and must be removed promptly. Through our experience we perfected the right ratio needed to remove this troublesome street art. First we apply the mixture, then after a few minute soak we brush. For extra damaged surface we use steam cleaning in combination with hot water pressure. Please give us a call or shoot us an email for a consultation or a free estimate.